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Project Title: Gesture-Agnostic Radar-Based Hand Tracking for VR/AR Systems

Dr Shelly Vishwakarma

Lecturer in Digital Health and Biomedical Engineering Group, ECS, University of Southampton

My research primarily focusses on developing radio-frequency sensing platforms that prioritize privacy and offer remarkable versatility across various fields. These platforms have the potential to bring about a revolution in home-based healthcare by enabling discreet monitoring, including essential functions like fall detection, within ambient assisted living environments. Additionally, I am venturing into the development of customizable gesture recognition using radio-frequency technology. I envision a future where real-time tracking and projection of hand movements in virtual spaces enhance natural and expressive communication, particularly in the immersive realm of Virtual Reality Systems. Another compelling dimension of my research agenda involves the integration of Natural Language Processing with radar technology to reshape the field of sign language recognition and translation. Furthermore, I am exploring the untapped potential of non-intrusive radar technology in recognizing emotions, with a particular emphasis on its applications in educational mentoring and mental well-being tracking. The possibilities within these domains are virtually boundless. In essence, my overarching research goal is to transition AI-assisted radar-based human monitoring solutions from the confines of the laboratory to practical, real-world settings. To achieve this, I am addressing challenges such as hardware compatibility, data accessibility, technology awareness, and user attitudes. This journey represents an exhilarating exploration into the future of technology and its impact on human interaction.